The little competitor.

"Alisha congratulations! ...." Alisha stood there, flashing out her bright sparkling teeth. Her fake smile could convince everyone that she was on the top of the world. She thanked everyone and asked for their blessings. The conversations would generally  end with " love you too". She went to her competitor, extented her right hand for... Continue Reading →


The idea of falling in love. ♥

I wish to fall in love. That's a dream that silly girls have. That was me a year ago. Those 365 days has turned  me into a different person making me realize the difference between the idea of falling in love and actually falling for a person. You know, I was so damn crazy about... Continue Reading →

How to be postive?

Hypocrits claim to be happy throughout their lives. Fools act as if their lives are just like a fairytale.  Depressed people feel that their lives are nothing but infinite number of gloomy days. What do you claim? ? Well, being postive is a first step to find #sanity. Yeah.. my tagline states write to find... Continue Reading →

~Guilt is the very nerve of sorrow~

22nd December, 2013, it is a bitter night, the streetlights are dim. I cross the threshold of a park in New York (known for parties and sleepless nights). I walk towards the swings, not a soul is present. I can feel my heart pounding inside my ribs apprehensively. I sit on the swing. I start... Continue Reading →

A pen and a paper.

Writing. Well writing is all about passion.  Its about the hidden feelings which were safely secured until you decided to pour down the secrets on a piece of paper. One day, me and my new friend were having a conversation about who we really are... "Who are you?" The new friend asked me. "I am... Continue Reading →

We live to read

"Why do u read so much?" My friend asked me. I laughed at her in my mind for I knew a fight would be useless because she was nothing but a lost case. "Read your school books don't waste your time on reading some senseless love stories" my teachers told me. I chose to ignore... Continue Reading →

~Mortal Souls~

 This world is merely a host for rootless souls. Lost and distracted from their destination. Souls that have heart but do not have the courage to follow it. Souls that have eyes but ignore to perceive the reality. Souls that have ears but are petrified to hear the truth. We “the mortal souls” ramble around... Continue Reading →

Can She?

Trusting a person is one of the hardest thing in her life. She wants to but the burning questions keeps popping up in her mind, can she trust him? Is he worth the risk she's willing to take? Can she handle the pain if he tries to hurt her? The questions keeps haunting her day... Continue Reading →

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