I miss you,

I miss your laugh,

And the way you grunted.

It makes me sad,

To laugh again.

It makes me sad,

To be happy.


Your chair now sits in silence,

the creeks soundless.

Mourning with me,

Shedding tears

Every night.


Ma is miserable,

Without her bubbly daughter.

I was always the boring one.

It was you who cracked lame jokes.

Now the house remains silent.

Missing those giggles

That echoed in the corridor.



It seems unfair,

The way you vanished,

It seems unfair,

How the world revolves

Without you in it.

People say time will heal us,

I don’t believe in their lies.

For I know only you

can fix us.


It’s only you,

Who can fill

The void.

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