3 am Rambles. (1)

I can’t sleep at night,

Not because that sadness has overcome my calmness or that the miserable emotions swell up every time I try to close my eyes. It’s just an side effect of the thoughts that find a way to process only @3 am. When the world sleeps, it feels calm, serene and peaceful. The music in my ears is crisp without anyone yelling at the background, the air has a slight chill, as if it’s trying to communicate.

It’s funny how I used to be sacred of the “3 am” thanks to the horror movies that never made be realize the gift of this hour. The power of the cold nights were hidden from this naive mind until it didn’t matter anymore.

I guess life’s pretty much the same, there are things that matter or at least used to and then one fine day they no longer affect you. It can be as simple as the 3 am terror or as complicated as a major life issue.

One morning you just know how to deal with it, the fight is miraculously over and we end up with the memories of the struggle as a victory cup and the next game begins right away. For life never stops throwing lemons at you.

I believe you can’t fully understand what’s exactly going around, at least I can’t. But I guess that’s the point of all the uncertainty that revolves around us; the journey itself is a lifetime of understanding it all.

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