Be Stupid( 3am Rambles)

I just finished a 20-minute video of Vir Das talking about the importance of stupidity in our lives. Out of all the statements floating around telling about the different ways of making your life worth on this planet, being stupid is that one thing that got engraved in my brain.

All our lives we have been taught how to mature, how to toughen up, be the girl or be the man, no one really taught us about how to be you. I know this might sound like a boring 30-minute lecture while your eyes slyly look for the minute hands on your watch hoping to be free or I might sound like a never ending book, but so does everyone else asking you to be something that you are not.  Don’t be so sensitive, don’t speak up, don’t cry, don’t ask questions, don’t be stressed/chilled, the don’ts are the only thing that this society has gifted us. It’s easy to be stuck inside the trap. It’s easy to bottle up all the emotions flooding inside your veins, to pretend like the pain in your chest never breathes outside the closet that you build for yourself. The tough part is to let go.

I have heard millions of speeches telling money doesn’t matter. Oh well it’s life, money always matters. But the importance of time, well if not matter more, it needs to co-exist with all the things waiting to be acknowledged in your checklist. Time is that one taken for granted friend that waits for you all day long, waiting for conversations, for a hug, a smile and all you do is send Happy New Year texts. Time is that dejected friend who leaves you when he realizes he’s at the level 0 and you are swimming in the clouds. Time is that friend whom you wish to call, hug and share a chocolate with but it’s too late now.

Being stupid does not mean to go stop everything that you are doing and go back being a child. What it really means is to keep that child alive in you. It means to grow into the hero you wanted to be a lifetime ago.

The society that we so badly want to fit in doesn’t really care how your cheeks flush red when you smile or how your heart pains when someone leaves you alone, they never cared. Stop wasting time trying to seduce the hearts of others, try something different. I know it’s easy to write long paragraphs rather than actually doing it. But it has to start at some point, I believe no effort is too small. From blogs to the heart, good things do really stick with you.

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