I’ll be okay… eventually.

I was born naïve,

Miserably dependent,

Discovery this world,

With glamor in my eyes.

I was an amateur,

Believing in people.


I was 13,

Sadness had

Just been introduced.

A sweet trailer,

For a flop story.

Emotionally unstable,

I was a fool,

Believing I will be fine,



I was 16.

always on fire,

Exploring the wilderness.

Playing with time,

A perfect teenager,

Confused and dazed,

Still an optimist.

I was just another kid

Believing I’ll somehow

Learn to adult.


I was 19,

Understanding my moods.


It won’t be a pretty ride.

Hiding in now and then,

I was on a run,

Fixing myself,

Believing I’ll

fit in someday.


I was 21,

Two weeks ago.

Too tired to fight,

Keeping busy

Trying to sedate

the brain.

I was keeping calm,

While the anger exploded.

Finally, accepting

the sadness.


There was never a

Way out.













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