Fake Promises

The memories

we shared,

The outbreaks

We bared,

Tumbled down.

As sudden as my tear,

Making me frown.


The water

Was under the bridge,

The batter,

cooked and forgotten,

until the leftovers,

was all I had,

shredded and rotten.


Your voice,

An unexpected surprise,

The eyes,

Leaving me no choice,

To feel what I felt,

the same smile,

that vanished later.


Your words had changed,

Simpler yet complex,

The tones somber,

I wondered

If the shades were lighter,

Or my sight

Had weakened.


The promises you made,

Reminded me

Of those you had forgotten.

the love which

may fade,

leaving just the hatred

to hold on to.


I made it rain yesterday,

For a better today.

The same goodbye,

Yet different,

You blamed my pride,

Unlike last December,

Where the guns were

Pointed towards your lies.


The decision,

I may regret later,

A choice

Made just for me.

To save future,

From stepping

Into the past.

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