She’s A Maze

She’s up all night,

Scribbling letters,

Sipping coffee,

Wrapped up warm.


Always late,

Entering class,

with a pretty smile.

And sunken eyes.


She’s always clumsy,

Tripping here and there,

Music blazing in her ears,

She’s a song,

Gentle yet strong.


Always sitting next to me,

lost in her own world,

playing with her hair,

Smelling of lavender.


She’s a mystery,

A closed book,

Rusted yet precious,

Makes me want

To flip those pages.


Always chatty,

Mingling with everyone,

Asking questions,

Sharing jokes,

But never letting

Anyone in.


Always in my mind,

A mirage

That I seem to follow,

A reality

That seems impossible.


She’s a treasure,

I wouldn’t want to share.

A maze,

I wish to get lost into.

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