Our Song

This song feels old,

Reminds me of fresh paint,

New doors and

Kisses on my shoulder.


Your voice,

Asking for lift

To the top shelf.


Your face,

Angry and cute,

While I laugh

At your silly outfit.


The smell of breakfast,

You dancing casually,

As you flip the eggs.


The song reminds me,

Of you in my t-shirt,

Hanging loosely,

Your tattoo peeping out,

from your collarbones.


The melody makes me hear,

Your footsteps

on the wooden floor.

Hurriedly packing your suitcase.

It makes me remember the fight,

Me on the floor,

Angry and hurt,

Seeing you leave.


I wish I would have

Played this song then,

The same which was played,

When you

Walked down the aisle.

Reminding you of our love.


Now the tunes,

Are just a witness,

To shattered emotions

And a wrecked home,

Me sitting with whiskey,

Reminiscing the past.



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