My papa said don’t be a fool, He said I had to be a man, My dreams were as shallow as me, But papa I had to be just me.   He said, “Son don’t go that road, there’s nothing but just dust and mud” He said to take the easy flight, But papa I... Continue Reading →



I remember the day we met, The way you laughed at my silly jokes, The way you played with your hair, Fiddling with your key chain, Making small talks, Hoping the day would just hit replay again.   I remember the day when I started liking you, When you tried singing in sync with my... Continue Reading →


Mr Invisible, You have always been treated as a myth yet I can feel you on me sucking it all slowly. I can’t seem to get your sticky claws away, for you find a way to grab me again. You feel like an infinite pool and I seem to drown in it, I keep struggling... Continue Reading →

Untamed Beast

I breath, slowly inhaling the hate. Savoring the taste licking the disappointments, Walking like a devil, destroying all that dare to look at my dripping scars.   With iron fist and rock in my heart, void of any kind of emotion. Red painted on my house, surviving in a room with no exits.   I’m... Continue Reading →

24 hrs.

Happy endings with a cliched story, Wish could be mine; just 24 hrs. will do. Just to live the fantasy once, Then walk with that memory forever.   Pretty smiles with perfect curves, Wish could be mine; just 24 hrs. will do. A hand for a support when I fall so bad, Or A soul... Continue Reading →

Synced Memories

Synced hearts and imperfect lives, Laughing together, careless and messy. Living out there lives and burning with the world, They were the best kind of people he stumbled upon.   A place where no one was alone, Sharing the room of darkness, Walking along the cooked lines, He finally could breathe again.   No more... Continue Reading →

I won’t.

No,I won’t go outside, to breath in the fresh air. I won’t light another heart till there’s smoke within. I won’t come out of my pj or leave that lonely bowl of ice cream. I won’t throw the crumbled tissues, not today or tomorrow. I won’t hear your cold words but wrap up like a... Continue Reading →

~Born in ashes~

I lurk in the dark corridors, Absorbing the silence. Often found stargazing, Mastering the art of invisibility.   You won't recognize me in daylight, The rays hiding me behind an introvert, Fading away slowly into the shadows. I wait calmly, waiting for destruction.   I originated from ashes of hate, Not particularly for someone but... Continue Reading →


Can I call you? Say “miss you” and cut the call, Hear you breathe and hear you smile, All I want to do is see you, Feel that thing again. “Spark” you used to say.   Why did we go apart? Can’t call it permanent though. I close my eyes and all I see is... Continue Reading →

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