Devil for the night

She laid next to him for the last time, oxygen slowly burning her from within. Drowning inside the power that electrified her, he laid still with no more abuses to wreck her again. The mud was perfect and so was the rainy night, his body now left to rot; music ablaze in her ears. 5... Continue Reading →


Is it you?

My mind says come near hold my hands again, take me to the other world where cupids sing along. Sometimes I hear you coming down the stairs, Making my heart skip a beat, but did I just lose my mind? My sight at times are blinded by you, seeing you dancing at my tunes. I... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow I may not see you smiling at me, Tucking hair behind your ears. I may never feel your presence when the perfume fades away, And the spark dies before setting a fire. Tomorrow I may not see your jawline graced by that beard, Or look at you chewing pen when tensed. I may never... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Fake

Turbulence, confusion, fear all the diseases were locked inside him. It is strange how people describe you as if they were beside you, acting like a life guard when your ship sank and wreaked you from inside out. All he wanted was to not think at all, to enjoy whatever was left of him. Though... Continue Reading →

The Kill

  You killed a child with a perfect little smile. Whose dreams soared high like the stars in sky. He struggled and cried out for help, Yet the tip of the knife slowly slit his throat.   The comic books now lie beside his bed, Craving for the pages to breath in life. The sound... Continue Reading →

Burning Imperfections

  I’m a silhouette of imperfections dancing to the wrong rhythm. I am a song with all the wrong notes, that hits you hard and pierces through your ears. Do not slow me down with your perfect reflection, I own my ugliness. Do not shut me down, for my heart’s still struggling.   Where should... Continue Reading →

Clashing Swords

To the weak side of me I say shut up, do not destroy me the way you did before. Show me a way to crush you, to throw you away into the oblivion. I fear you more than death for you kill me each time you crawl up with your wickedness in your long crooked... Continue Reading →


I can't belong to this world where I have been thrown down whenever I  try to be ME. They say I am fake or too emotional. They say I am fat or too skinny. They said my imperfections make me incapable to even fall in love. So I decided to wear a mask which has... Continue Reading →

“Pain demands to be felt”

Pain is weird.  We  often  end up remebering all about it and forgetting our happy little days where there’s no body to snatch away our precious smile. However when it really happens people tend to act in different way. There are different stages of the aftermath of the inevitable pain.. Denial :well all of us including... Continue Reading →

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