~Born in ashes~

I lurk in the dark corridors, Absorbing the silence. Often found stargazing, Mastering the art of invisibility. You won't recognize me in daylight, The rays hiding me behind an introvert, Fading away slowly into the shadows. I wait calmly, waiting for destruction. I originated from ashes of hate, Not particularly for someone but everyone instead.... Continue Reading →



Can I call you? Say “miss you” and cut the call, Hear you breathe and hear you smile, All I want to do is see you, Feel that thing again. “Spark” you used to say. Why did we go apart? Can’t call it permanent though. I close my eyes and all I see is you,... Continue Reading →


I have been an avid supporter of change. The thirst for new experiences made me a solo traveler at a rather young age. Ma used to say, “ save up !for the world is progressing faster than your tiny little legs.” but the raging hormones only desired new sunrises and different hotels to rest on.... Continue Reading →

Pretty Woman

A crooked road; a steep turn, Precipitation high, a tensed mood on. A calm hand on my unstable wheel, A car saved from being a wreck. Her eyes wearing a magical shade of kohl, That smile helping through my day. The ship sails through the turbulent water. Aye aye captain! The crew cheers. Good days... Continue Reading →

Devil for the night

She laid next to him for the last time, oxygen slowly burning her from within. Drowning inside the power that electrified her, he laid still with no more abuses to wreck her again. The mud was perfect and so was the rainy night, his body now left to rot; music ablaze in her ears. 5... Continue Reading →

Is it you?

My mind says come near hold my hands again, take me to the other world where cupids sing along. Sometimes I hear you coming down the stairs, Making my heart skip a beat, but did I just lose my mind? My sight at times are blinded by you, seeing you dancing at my tunes. I... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow I may not see you smiling at me, Tucking hair behind your ears. I may never feel your presence when the perfume fades away, And the spark dies before setting a fire. Tomorrow I may not see your jawline graced by that beard, Or look at you chewing pen when tensed. I may never... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Fake

Turbulence, confusion, fear all the diseases were locked inside him. It is strange how people describe you as if they were beside you, acting like a life guard when your ship sank and wreaked you from inside out. All he wanted was to not think at all, to enjoy whatever was left of him. Though... Continue Reading →

The Kill

  You killed a child with a perfect little smile. Whose dreams soared high like the stars in sky. He struggled and cried out for help, Yet the tip of the knife slowly slit his throat.   The comic books now lie beside his bed, Craving for the pages to breath in life. The sound... Continue Reading →

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