I remember trying to be perfect, for your eyes to fall on me, for you to smile as I come near, I tried to do the impossible.   I wrote sonnets for you, Words flowing out, Like the gentle breeze, On your shoulder. I tried to be spotless for you.   The songs you gave,... Continue Reading →


Summer Romance

Melting ice creams, Sticky hands and stupid minds, Hormones running wild, I stood there watching the world, Stumble into chaos.   I stood there, Like an outcast, Disbelieving in summer romance, Standing aloof under the roof, While the world played with hearts.   Fake promises, fake smiles, I hated the trembling hands, As they touched... Continue Reading →

I’ll carry on

l can’t see nobody, I can’t feel me sail. I fell on the bed already, Giving up on my trail. I can’t walk straight, Without tripping over, I can’t carry around my weight, Falling into a static hangover. The pit’s too dark, Can’t see the light any longer. Just hear the dogs bark Just need... Continue Reading →


Saw you shining in the room, Saw you smiling at me, I turned my emotions on. You just lit me up.   Wrapped my arms around the waist, Made you swing around like a top, Heard you sing along the beat. You just woke me up.   Saw you cry the other day, Saw you... Continue Reading →

What’s the hurry?

What’s wrong with us? Nothing and everything. Not everyone is born to outshine the crowd, in fact most of us are meant to join the crowd. If everyone pops up to be the leader, the world will collapse and all the leaders buried under the dust of arrogance and ego. Yes, we are taught to... Continue Reading →

Take me back.

You look me in the eye. Say it out loud, the color of her eyes, the brand of her perfume.   Look up to me. Own up to your sins. Don’t hide around in her apartment. Don’t go running to her, when the space around here gets tough.   Find the words that abandon you.... Continue Reading →

I’ll always fall for you.

I’ll be there for you, Even when you are not looking for me. Even if I fall on my way, I’ll come running towards you anyway. I’ll always hold your hand, Even when its sweaty as hell, Even outside, under the burning sun, I’ll always keep a tissue handy. I’ll always save the last spoon... Continue Reading →

~Set me free~

Save me a pie for the next day. Give me the fork to cut it half. The syrup’s floating in my plate, sticking in my hands like your soul.   Save me a pill for the next week. Nights seem thundering all the time. Making me shiver under the blanket, thinking of your shadow around... Continue Reading →

Quick Sand

We are nothing, but lost. In the beautiful meadows, grasping for air, Scared and scattered. Waiting for help.   Lying on the ground. Counting the stars, trying to sleep. Surrounded by doubt. We thrive to live on   In search for love. Someone to hear, the silence that consumes us. Waiting for the quick sand... Continue Reading →

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