Finally Happy

Happiness comes in shots. Lips curving up. Wrinkled eyes and a potato face, Do not blame me, If things go wrong.   1 down, and the world seems fine, Growing old like  fine wine. I haven’t tripped yet. I haven’t put the pain on reset.   2 down, I am smiling a bit now, Thinking... Continue Reading →


The Perfect Fit

It’s true, We’ll slowly crumble, And Disappear forever.   But I’ll wait a little longer, Under the glittery sky, During the rain, Or even a snow blizzard. I’ll wait for you anyway.   Maybe, you sipping coffee now, Clueless about the future. Wondering what will you wear? For a date or an evening party. I’ll... Continue Reading →

Simply Don’t Care

I’d rather be a dying sea, Than a stagnant water. I’ll rather be a working bee, Than a sad soul, regretting later. The choices I make, Helping me to sleep at night, The conscious that I wake, Fighting wars like a knight. Feeling sorry for the ones, Shuffling in the bed. The eternal flame of... Continue Reading →


I remember trying to be perfect, for your eyes to fall on me, for you to smile as I come near, I tried to do the impossible.   I wrote sonnets for you, Words flowing out, Like the gentle breeze, On your shoulder. I tried to be spotless for you.   The songs you gave,... Continue Reading →

No Escape.

The guilt’s too bitter For me to swallow, For the crime that I committed To fall for your words.   There’s no escape.   I’m out of breath, My hands full of blood, The knife’s dripping. My body’s shivering As agony overpowers my brain.   Lying on the pool of red, I shudder as the... Continue Reading →

Summer Romance

Melting ice creams, Sticky hands and stupid minds, Hormones running wild, I stood there watching the world, Stumble into chaos.   I stood there, Like an outcast, Disbelieving in summer romance, Standing aloof under the roof, While the world played with hearts.   Fake promises, fake smiles, I hated the trembling hands, As they touched... Continue Reading →

I’ll carry on

l can’t see nobody, I can’t feel me sail. I fell on the bed already, Giving up on my trail. I can’t walk straight, Without tripping over, I can’t carry around my weight, Falling into a static hangover. The pit’s too dark, Can’t see the light any longer. Just hear the dogs bark Just need... Continue Reading →


Saw you shining in the room, Saw you smiling at me, I turned my emotions on. You just lit me up.   Wrapped my arms around the waist, Made you swing around like a top, Heard you sing along the beat. You just woke me up.   Saw you cry the other day, Saw you... Continue Reading →

What’s the hurry?

What’s wrong with us? Nothing and everything. Not everyone is born to outshine the crowd, in fact most of us are meant to join the crowd. If everyone pops up to be the leader, the world will collapse and all the leaders buried under the dust of arrogance and ego. Yes, we are taught to... Continue Reading →

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