We are packing bags,

Its early morning,

The sun’s just up,

The sky’s still blushing,

And here we are

Shivering yet again.


Last night was bad,

Tears soaked in our pillows,

Broken glasses

On the floor.

Sad eyes on a

Full moon night.


Corn flakes’ perfect today,

Crisp and warm,

Yet we sit apart,

On the opposite ends,

Making it impossible,

To hold your hand.


The shower

Is surprisingly comforting,

Not too cold nor warm,

Good enough for me,

To weep again,

The water washing

Down the pain.


My boss just called,

Approving the holidays,

For our little vacation.

I couldn’t even thank her,

For my voice cracked

Thinking of the future,

Without you smiling

In it.



Would have been perfect,

For a trip down the mall,

Sweet breeze outside,

Perfect sunlight

For our cute selfies.

Yet today we decide

To part.



We loved each other,

Maybe too much,

For we ended up

Burning each other.

For the better future you said,

But sadness it is that we felt.


A final goodbye kiss,

We start driving,

Alone yet

Fresh from the warmth

That we shared.











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