Mental Health.

It’s a sad reality

That someone’s pain

Reminded people

Of the word Mental Health.


It’s unfortunate that

A death made the headlines,

millions of stories on Instagram.

While the cries are hushed,

And the stories unheard.


It’s disappointing,

That the DMs

That are open now,

Remained shut for ages.


It’s painful,

To see people wanting to help now,

Are the same who said

Don’t make a big deal out of it,

Don’t force your sadness on us,

Don’t overreact.

It’s just the hormones speaking.


It’s unfair,

That a family has to be destroyed,

For others to know the

The importance of togetherness.

A death and a lost battle

made people realize

that Depression is real.


It’s unacceptable

That a person’s demise,

Ultimately spreads the message.

And ashes of the gone,

Has to become a symbol

Of hope and life.



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