Don’t go on knocking doors, Begging for chances, Pulling sad faces. The water’s dried up, Back you go, Success’s pretty low, For no buckets enough, to stop this river's flow. This house was warm, With Chocolate fountain, Future looking bright, And now you return, Hoping for lights, In silence. The cocoa you stole, I learnt... Continue Reading →

3 am Rambles (4)

I often wonder if I'm lying to the people who care about me, or am I choosing to even lie to myself. Why am I the way I am? Unnecessarily complicating every aspect of my presence. Nothing awful has really happened in my life, with an pretty ordinary life I should have been grateful, contended... Continue Reading →

Be Stupid( 3am Rambles)

I just finished a 20-minute video of Vir Das talking about the importance of stupidity in our lives. Out of all the statements floating around telling about the different ways of making your life worth on this planet, being stupid is that one thing that got engraved in my brain. All our lives we have... Continue Reading →


The sunlight’s too bright, My mood’s a bit trashy, my nail’s chipped, eyeliner’s flowing, remembering the comforting light. Tomorrow I’ll be perfect, Blushing under the Blooming spring. Blue nail paint, And glitter on my eyelid, Trying to forget, The helpless nights. The viscous cycle, Following my shadows, From breakfast muffins, To goodnight kisses, Keeping up... Continue Reading →

3 am Rambles(2)

I wonder when does it get easier? As long as I can remember I have struggled with loneliness. Be it inside my tiny room or outside in the mall, my friends laughing around or the silent nights. Loneliness has always somehow accompanied me, following me through all my ups and down. Like a friend that... Continue Reading →

3 am Rambles. (1)

I can't sleep at night, Not because that sadness has overcome my calmness or that the miserable emotions swell up every time I try to close my eyes. It's just an side effect of the thoughts that find a way to process only @3 am. When the world sleeps, it feels calm, serene and peaceful.... Continue Reading →

It’s all that I can manage.

I feel the end, Lingering around, Sneaking around, Waiting patiently, For me to crumble.   But all I do is smile, It’s all that I can manage, With the messy roads, And messy destinations. I walk silently Into the abyss.   Days crawl along, Accompanying the loneliness, Accompanying the madness, Until the land ends And... Continue Reading →

Too late

They say I’m too little, For a change that I desire, Too shy for a rebel.   Too late I say, Already swimming, In a pool of fire. Burning in rage.   They say I’ve changed, Drifting from sanity, Stumbling already.   Too late I say, Already a queen, Among the blind, Hearing the saga... Continue Reading →

Mental Health.

It’s a sad reality That someone’s pain Reminded people Of the word Mental Health.   It’s unfortunate that A death made the headlines, millions of stories on Instagram. While the cries are hushed, And the stories unheard.   It’s disappointing, That the DMs That are open now, Remained shut for ages.   It’s painful, To... Continue Reading →

Feel no more

The sad song On the radio, Won’t make me sob.   The dim lights, Shadows on the ground, Can’t scare me no more.   The storm outside, The coldness inside, Won’t make me shiver in pain.   The noise of Silence Won’t bother me anymore.   For I’ll be calm, Staring at the walls, Consumed... Continue Reading →

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