Don’t go on knocking doors,

Begging for chances,

Pulling sad faces.

The water’s dried up,

Back you go,

Success’s pretty low,

For no buckets enough,

to stop this river’s flow.

This house was warm,

With Chocolate fountain,

Future looking bright,

And now you return,

Hoping for lights,

In silence.

The cocoa you stole,

I learnt

Wasn’t important after all,

Tomorrow’s still glowing,

The light was inside all along.

Stop selling dreams,

Grass’s never greener,

Until I start healing.

So move along,

Let me grow.

Yeah I hear your words,

Crafty with rhymes,

But the tricks old this time,

For I found comfort in silence.

Do not come knocking,

With your noisy little backpack.

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