Finally Happy

Happiness comes in shots.

Lips curving up.

Wrinkled eyes and a potato face,

Do not blame me,

If things go wrong.


1 down, and the world seems fine,

Growing old like  fine wine.

I haven’t tripped yet.

I haven’t put the pain on reset.


2 down, I am smiling a bit now,

Thinking about his fake vows.

Hearing the song, a bit loud,

Hoping to vanish in that dancing crowd.


3 down, well I am on my way now,

In that paradise where even the angels bow.

Seeing the clock ticking faster,

Starting to sing my own little banter.


4 down, I am finally drunk,

The reality has finally sunk.

Can’t seem to think; giggles all the way,

That’s right I am happy right away.


5? I don’t recall the shot,

Just the temporary sanity I bought.

The chaos leads me to peace,

helping my brain to freeze.


Finally, I get to accept the imbalances in me,

Can’t see the marks stained on me.

Comfortably numb, I lie on the grass,

Waiting for the night to gently pass.


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