The Perfect Fit

It’s true,

We’ll slowly crumble,

And Disappear forever.


But I’ll wait a little longer,

Under the glittery sky,

During the rain,

Or even a snow blizzard.

I’ll wait for you anyway.


Maybe, you sipping coffee now,

Clueless about the future.

Wondering what will you wear?

For a date or an evening party.

I’ll wait as time goes ticking by.


For I believe you exist,

A perfect fit for this mess,

Someone shimmering under the sky.

Skin made of neon lights,

To guide me out of the storm.


Years of fighting alone,

Seeing people passing by.

Hoping for a permanent roommate,

In this empty heart of mine.

I’ll be waiting,

Trying to heal each day.


It’s true,

I’ll disintegrate someday.

Shut my eyes forever.


But I’ll fight a little longer,

For I’ll get to love you.

Your tiny hands fitting into mine.

Making me believe,

That life was worth

Of the battles that

Sometimes tore me apart.


It’s true,

Nothing lasts forever,

But my hope for a perfect end,

Will never fade away.




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