Simply Don’t Care

I’d rather be a dying sea,

Than a stagnant water.

I’ll rather be a working bee,

Than a sad soul, regretting later.

The choices I make,

Helping me to sleep at night,

The conscious that I wake,

Fighting wars like a knight.

Feeling sorry for the ones,

Shuffling in the bed.

The eternal flame of lies that burn,

Eventually oiling themselves in red.

I’ve seen the world chuckling,

While I stand on the junction,

Calling me, their ugly duckling,

Making jokes about my confusion.

They hoped to break me,

Defeat me and share the leftover,

They hoped to strangle me,

Hated to see me happy and sober.

So, I chose to be the rebel,

Rather than a timid hostage,

I decided to ring the faint bell,

Waking up the buried rage.

You can flame me,

Or Strip me bare,

Won’t be enough to break me,

For now, I simply don’t care.

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