I remember trying to be perfect,

for your eyes to fall on me,

for you to smile as I come near,

I tried to do the impossible.


I wrote sonnets for you,

Words flowing out,

Like the gentle breeze,

On your shoulder.

I tried to be spotless for you.


The songs you gave,

Now makes me remind of your scent,

I try to forget the color of your eyes,

But all I do is make my eyes weep.


I tried to be the girl you desired,

Pretty hair with pretty dress,

It’s true I lied to myself,

It’s sad that I wanted to change,

For someone who could never be mine.


So I tried what I’m best at,

I was imperfect in every sense,

With a horrid sense of humor,

With an ugly laugh and chapped lips.


I still remember the way you move,

The way your hands tap on the wooden desk,

As your favorite song plays on Spotify,

I just have given up

being an alien to myself for your love.




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