Summer Romance

Melting ice creams,

Sticky hands and stupid minds,

Hormones running wild,

I stood there watching the world,

Stumble into chaos.


I stood there,

Like an outcast,

Disbelieving in summer romance,

Standing aloof under the roof,

While the world played with hearts.


Fake promises, fake smiles,

I hated the trembling hands,

As they touched each other.

I hated the young and stupid,

For believing in forever.


The incurable virus,

Affecting every heart and soul,

Isolating themselves from the rest,

Unaware of the inevitable suffer.

I stepped back inside the cold,

Behind the closed doors of my world.


I hated the hands that once held mine,

I hated those memories that bled my heart,

Lost in the crowd of kisses and hugs,

I chose to vanish inside the fantasy world,

Where heroes remain true to their words.


Summer was nothing,

But a reminder of what I can never have,

Of the drink that can never touch my mouth,

victim to my hatred.

Summer Love

was nothing but a scam,

Making me a witness to its ruins.












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