I’ll carry on

l can’t see nobody,

I can’t feel me sail.

I fell on the bed already,

Giving up on my trail.

I can’t walk straight,

Without tripping over,

I can’t carry around my weight,

Falling into a static hangover.

The pit’s too dark,

Can’t see the light any longer.

Just hear the dogs bark

Just need the vodka a little bit stronger.

I’ll carry on my love,

Though can’t confirm the expiry date

I’ll always fight for love.

Even if I have to bargain with my fate.

Sorry for the times I fallen down,

for the days I was not around.

Sorry I couldn’t appreciate you in that beautiful gown,

For the times I went a little deaf,

couldn’t hear your sound.

I’ll stay a little longer,

feel a little stronger.

share your love a little longer.

Feel your touch a bit stronger,

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