What’s the hurry?

What’s wrong with us?

Nothing and everything.

Not everyone is born to outshine the crowd, in fact most of us are meant to join the crowd.

If everyone pops up to be the leader, the world will collapse and all the leaders buried under the dust of arrogance and ego.

Yes, we are taught to be the diamond in the mines, the sun among the planets, but we can also choose to be the stars that light up the heaven.

Why is it frowned upon to dream of a simple life? Why is mediocrity the end of our dream?

Why is the burden of excellence crushing us down?

The questions will keep on piling up until we find what we can do rather than what we are supposed to do.

It’s okay to just try your level best and wait, eventually things will fall into place. We can’t force our way through the ocean. It’s better to stand on the beach and eventually learning the art of swimming.

A lust for happiness has created a void which can’t be filled. What’s the hurry anyway?

There’s always a pressure on us to impress the people surrounding us, the pressure to somehow fit in, to be under the radar of constant appreciation. We tend to want to impress people by sacrificing our own wishes and dreams. Later complaining of lack of contentment.

This generation has suffered a lot.

We are the link between the old and the new.

Our minds observing, evaluating and maturing.

I still remember me playing outside with my friends. I used to be good at hiding, still remember the game by “icepise”. I wish I could tell myself to enjoy the last game of “Barf Pani”, to warn me of the sudden adulthood.

How is it, that depression has captured a lot of youth of this generation? Why we are still unaware of our mental issues?

Struggling to act okay simultaneously suffering from false ego.

I have seen so many relations being ripped of just because people are afraid to communicate. We weren’t like this before, kids never shy from saying out whatever they wish to, why do we?

We are nothing but silly creatures stuck in an infinite loop of finding the things that we think we deserve. Running after perfection like a mad man.

It’s okay to be imperfect, to be normal and to fuck up a lot. This is what makes us human, mediocrity is simply underrated. If you are born to shine, then do it but if you are born to follow then follow the right person, make good decisions. Make this world a little bit more bearable.

Aim to be the best version of yourself and not somebody you wish to impersonate.

Embrace the imperfectness, it’s hard in fact it’s one of the toughest thing on Earth.

If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?

3 thoughts on “What’s the hurry?

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  1. Well written!! We are mostly living the life which others want us to live…and in failing to live up we may be termed a loser! Not everyone is equal….but everyone is special!! Sad but true…great article!
    Btw you transported me back in time with ‘icepise’!!! And the numerous places we had to invent as ‘hideouts’! 😀 lovely days…which suddenly got lost.

    Liked by 1 person

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