I’ll always fall for you.

I’ll be there for you,

Even when you are not looking for me.

Even if I fall on my way,

I’ll come running towards you anyway.

I’ll always hold your hand,

Even when its sweaty as hell,

Even outside, under the burning sun,

I’ll always keep a tissue handy.

I’ll always save the last spoon of Biryani for you,

Even if my stomach growls,

Even if it has the perfect amount of raita in it,

I’ll get to see the smile that I adore.

I’ll always laugh on your silly jokes,

Even if it’s worse than my puns,

Even if the world thinks I’ve lost my sense of humor,

I’ll laugh anyway for you make my day brighter.

I’ll always eat your half burnt food,

Even if it means swallowing unbreakable cookies,

Even when I return to a messed up kitchen,

I’ll kiss you for believing in me, even when I gave up.

I’ll always stand beside you,

Even if the side’s a tad darker than mine.

Even if I have to choose you over me,

I’ll always fall for you, every day, every second.

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