~Set me free~

Save me a pie for the next day.

Give me the fork to cut it half.

The syrup’s floating in my plate,

sticking in my hands like your soul.


Save me a pill for the next week.

Nights seem thundering all the time.

Making me shiver under the blanket,

thinking of your shadow around my skin.


Save me a cure for the weekend.

Pray for my freedom,

can’t say good bye yet.

Hold me tight bruising my wrist blue.


Save me some paint for the year.

Got tired with black,

save me some crimson

and paint my pain red.


Save me some food for the soul,

starving every day of humanity.

Drown me in the holy water,

free me of my sins.


Save me a dress for my funeral.

Buy a casket for the dead mind.

Call my family and drink some wine.

Be my murder, set me free.


I lost myself in you.

I lost my shadow behind your light.

Crack me open one last time,

All you’ll find is your memories breathing.







5 thoughts on “~Set me free~

Add yours

  1. I found strange comfort reading it….dont know why….but i did!
    I was wondering wont it be a nice idea to also write what was your motivation to write it? 🤔 i like knowing what author had in mind at the time of writing….ofcourse only if it’s ok with you or if you can write in comments…no forcing! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I want people to make the words their own. If I give my set of views then readers won’t use their own imagination. A poem can mean different emotions, it deserves to be read and felt in different ways.

      Liked by 1 person

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