My papa said don’t be a fool,

He said I had to be a man,

My dreams were as shallow as me,

But papa I had to be just me.


He said, “Son don’t go that road,

there’s nothing but just dust and mud”

He said to take the easy flight,

But papa I can’t breathe in the sky.


My papa wore the hardcore front,

He said chaps don’t whine like a gal,

He asked me to follow his way,

But papa I can’t fake it anymore.


My papa when died, held my hand.

Made me promise that I couldn’t cry,

I had to be the man of the house,

But papa I was merely just a boy.


Papa I wish I could tell you,

The surprise I had planned all along,

To show you I could be a man

While walking on the burning sand.



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