I remember the day we met,

The way you laughed at my silly jokes,

The way you played with your hair,

Fiddling with your key chain,

Making small talks,

Hoping the day would just hit replay again.

I remember the day when I started liking you,

When you tried singing in sync

with my voice and failed miserably.

When all you did was make my day perfect,

with a little cupcake to make me smile.

I remember the day when I fell in love,

when we fell from the stairs and started laughing,

when you shared the last slice of pizza,

when we stayed awake till midnight and watched a stupid movie,

just to spend another moment together.

I remember the day when I felt at home,

Embraced by your arm sharing the warmth.

The day you let me drive while you sat beside me,

Had faith in me, even when your heart skipped a beat

when I nearly hit the auto in front of us.

I remember the day of our first fight,

We fought for a reason I seem to forget now,

But I do recall being miserable without you

I remember us facing each other making a promise

To not fight and then breaking it a week later.

I remember the way we fell apart

Felt like freezing to death,

Waiting for your calls to cheer me up,

Waiting for your compliments for the new dress I bought.

I remember cursing the distance and my job.

I remember the day we decided that it’s over,

We held each other for the last time,

I saw you wipe your tears in the dark, for me

I couldn’t hold it back. The handkerchief you handed

Now sits beside me making me remind of your smile every day.

3 thoughts on “Handkerchief

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  1. Heartbreaking but kind of how it happens mostly these days….why things never get to a happy ending …! You captured it all so beautifully…from the initial subtle beginnings to the developing emotions and then the breakup…and the handkerchief! I love the way how your poems are weaved around one word which has such a big impact overall…!! 👌…and the last two lines were lit ..!!


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