24 hrs.

Happy endings with a cliched story,

Wish could be mine; just 24 hrs. will do.

Just to live the fantasy once,

Then walk with that memory forever.


Pretty smiles with perfect curves,

Wish could be mine; just 24 hrs. will do.

A hand for a support when I fall so bad,

Or A soul by my side when it gets too dark.


I wonder what’s it like?

Seeing us float when they go butterfly,

With strokes so rhythmic that even the waves blush.

I wonder, what they wonder? When we drown gradually.


A  Flower or Burger? When the hunger strikes,

Flower for the show with the petals to be adorn,

But the burger lives till the flavor reaches the mouth.

I wonder why do we even compare when the world is in need of both.


Scented bottles with a fancy little frame,

Wish could be me; just 24 hrs. will do.

Given as gift with love rather than a hasty buy,

Shimmering like a crystal instead of that metallic shine.


Maybe I’ll be all of those someday,

Maybe I’ll be the perfect story of the day.

Maybe I’ll shine so bright like the sun ray,

Maybe, tomorrow won’t be just another day.

4 thoughts on “24 hrs.

Add yours

  1. Each para is dripping with that whimsical yearn and longing for things which we can die for even if we get it for few moments …. many lines hit me…specially the flower and burger one…and that given as a gift rather than a hasty buy!! So true!!! I was drawn into this post from the first two lines itself….and a perfect finish by last 4 lines!! 👌 👌
    You are a gifted writer!!!

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    1. Thank you, I was watching a movie and it suddenly hit me that people always wish to be perfect. We always want what we don’t have and end up comparing things that weren’t supposed to be compared anyway.

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      1. Ah i see….it makes it all the more enjoyable if one gets to know what the author had in mind while writing these lines! We all want to be perfect after looking at something so perfect anywhere but we dont know what all may have gone into making look something ordinary so perfect say onscreen or in a photo! For eg an ageless actor’s look maybe due to some smart technical editing…or hidden under makeup…or a perfect life partner as shown in movies …. so besotted we may become that we overlook the reality and wish to have something like that and comparing with what we have instead…making it a misery for us!!

        Liked by 1 person

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