Synced Memories

Synced hearts and imperfect lives,

Laughing together, careless and messy.

Living out there lives and burning with the world,

They were the best kind of people he stumbled upon.


A place where no one was alone,

Sharing the room of darkness,

Walking along the cooked lines,

He finally could breathe again.


No more hush hush or lies,

For friends believed in all kinds of sounds.

A world of chaos but a sudden peace,

He knew he could fall back and never get hurt.


Granite that crept in to make a boom,

could now never finish him,

failing to pass his soul through the shredder,

the connected hearts now shared his  pain .


The road to infinity,

Now was never boring,

Singing the hymn of life

Young bloods bounced with energy.


Intoxicated with a strange feeling of contentment,

The soul could finally rest at night,

No, life still wasn’t perfect,

But memories were.

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