Can I call you? Say “miss you” and cut the call,

Hear you breathe and hear you smile,

All I want to do is see you,

Feel that thing again. “Spark” you used to say.


Why did we go apart? Can’t call it permanent though.

I close my eyes and all I see is you,

Smiling when I drop my pen,

Apparently lost in your thought.


Two years, a day and a half,

I saw you change your gals every month.

Getting paranoid is all I do,

Hush! No, not in front of you.


You called me up last night,

“Hello? need a friend to talk”

An hour later, I bit my lip.

Easier that way when you say goodbye.


You called me love decades ago; I made you a friend,

Now, maybe its other way round and there the problem began.

This gal slipped a bit too far from the shore.

This soul will be your midnight friend as long as the body floats.

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