I have been an avid supporter of change. The thirst for new experiences made me a solo traveler at a rather young age. Ma used to say, “ save up !for the world is progressing faster than your tiny little legs.” but the raging hormones only desired new sunrises and different hotels to rest on. Exhausting my rolled up money kept in the drawers, I fulfilled the only burning dream since childhood -to set foot on various concrete roads. Out of several adventures, my mind somehow got stuck on 3 of my best trips that maybe reformed my life.


20th July,2015, my soul swayed gently with the “Shikara” in Kashmir. Shikaras are nothing but a long-boat used to float around in Dal Lake in Srinagar. The beauty about Dal Lake is that all you see around floats on water, from house boats to post offices nothing touches the ground. My boat traveled through long green grasses and the blue sky accompanying the boat made Kashmir feel like heaven. To my surprise the calmness didn’t bore me, it just made me happy. Being away from the crowded city of Delhi into the city of sudden tranquility made me question about my desire for constant change. Later sipping the Kahwah tea I wondered “what if the Shikaras change themselves to some jet ski or tech boats? On whose rhythm will then our souls sway?”.


11th November 2016, I was walking on the stones of the Konarak Temple in Puri (Odisha). The sun temple built-in 1255 A.D. has seen hundreds of generation come by and stare at it. The temple has seen it all, from being partly destroyed to being restored with modern gadgets. The stories that still echo in the wall seem to deny the concept of change. This pilgrimage site is an amazing mixture of historic science and artwork. The temple dissolved me within and I felt like the one of the figures that stood there half broken but standing strongly as the storm passes by. I wondered “what if I was chasing a different form of change? A change whose grip may be slippery, lasting only seconds long.”


Recently I traveled to Goa. A well-known spot for the youth that prefer to run rather than the slow walk. The parties, sports really did give me the thrill that a young blood craved. The alcohol running down my throat took me to some other universe. I lost the control of my thoughts and gave into the beats that thumped from the speakers into my heart. Well the morning sickness wasn’t a party anymore. The headache made me to lie and stroll around the beach when I saw the sun kiss the sea tenderly, slowly melting in each other’s arms. I experienced that same thing for five days as if replaying the same scene again and again. The screaming noises of the parties didn’t pull me towards it anymore. Maybe my heart never craved for excitement but the silence of pure beauty. Maybe some things are better without the change that world dreams every night.

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