Pretty Woman

A crooked road; a steep turn,
Precipitation high, a tensed mood on.
A calm hand on my unstable wheel,
A car saved from being a wreck.

Her eyes wearing a magical shade of kohl,
That smile helping through my day.
The ship sails through the turbulent water.
Aye aye captain! The crew cheers.

Good days or bad, none matters to her,
The sun may evaporate our energy,
But the pretty woman has her sunscreen on.
Protecting her glasshouse from the incoming heat waves.

Laughing out her pain while gulping in ours.
Chopping the onions like she learned in Master Chef,
While threatening the intruders who may rip her castle apart,
She’s a warrior with a heart, the queen of all.

You may know her as that umbrella woman,
With a purse full of utilities and a mind full of errands.
But to me she’s the angel who shimmers a thousand stars.
To me she’s the one whom I call mother.

7 thoughts on “Pretty Woman

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      1. Was a good try! πŸ‘Œ Please try to write more often as well! πŸ™πŸ˜Š
        That other post you did about your solo journeys….i was wondering about it later… must have gone through some amazing thoughts and experiences…the emotions which get invoked when one is alone amidst such landscapes, surroundings…they trigger so many things….would be worth sharing more of them? πŸ€” i know you already did share some..but may be more posts if you want? Just a thought 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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