Devil for the night

She laid next to him for the last time,

oxygen slowly burning her from within.

Drowning inside the power that electrified her,

he laid still with no more abuses to wreck her again.


The mud was perfect and so was the rainy night,

his body now left to rot; music ablaze in her ears.

5 shots up and humanity shut, the devil danced madly.

The night became a blur but the memories crystal clear.


Bags packed, fuel tank full and the playlist on point.

Sunglasses hiding her sins, she drove as long she could.

Resting in a cheap motel, seeing the dim lights flicker

she doubted her decisions, shaking her legs nervously.


Tick tock tick, why didn’t the time pass sooner?

Why was the sun so bright like it pierced through her body?

The thirst in her throat never-dying,

Lying in the empty room she missed her sweet little home.


Seeing her dead husband in her dream, she screamed for help.

One night after the kill, she wished to use the knife again.

The craving raging though her nerves, her aim was decided.

Possessed by an evil smile, she stabbed the victim in the mirror.

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