Is it you?

My mind says come near hold my hands again,

take me to the other world where cupids sing along.

Sometimes I hear you coming down the stairs,

Making my heart skip a beat, but did I just lose my mind?

My sight at times are blinded by you,

seeing you dancing at my tunes.

I do dial your number five to six times a day,

I guess it okay to crave for your words to hit my ears again.

Believe me I have touched you again,

Felt that tingling sensation in my heart.

I went for a run with you, chattering along as we used to do,

A couple did see me twice, thinking I had just lost my mind.

I know the things I said can’t be true just like you,

But all I do is see you wrapping your hands around me.

I have lost the track of what’s real or not. Well you can’t blame me,

after all it was you who decided a trip to the clouds.

3 thoughts on “Is it you?

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  1. Hey Amrita it’s so true..the words you have written.. we always crave to hold the one we have lost .. not just once but everyday.. but we should always remember that they are around us always.. in the wind, the rain and sunshine too.

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