The Kill


You killed a child with a perfect little smile.

Whose dreams soared high like the stars in sky.

He struggled and cried out for help,

Yet the tip of the knife slowly slit his throat.


The comic books now lie beside his bed,

Craving for the pages to breath in life.

The sound of the cartoons won’t fill in that room,

For today the child lay still in a pool of your sin.


You sit there with an evil smile on your face.

Your hands do not shiver with guilt.

He got the reward for his faith that he showed on you,

Your knife that drips with his innocence is a proof of your betrayal.


The plan was perfect and execution smooth,

No one could hear the scream inside the room.

The night was perfect when the clock struck 3.

Not killed by a ghost but the devil in you.


You are decked up in a black suit and some crocodile tears,

Quickly burying him deep inside remembering his last smile,

You won’t be jailed or trialed in court,

for you only killed the child that resided in you.


You hurry back into your life,

Briefcase in your hand and instructions etched on your head,

You march forward without breaking the line.

Congratulation mate you made it to the race of the living corpses.















2 thoughts on “The Kill

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  1. “for you only killed the child that resided in you.”
    Couldn’t imagine it would be this…
    Wonderful. Relatable.
    Looking forward to more stuff from the writer.

    Liked by 1 person

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