Burning Imperfections

I’m a silhouette of imperfections dancing to the wrong rhythm.

I am a song with all the wrong notes, that hits you hard and pierces through your ears.

Do not slow me down with your perfect reflection, I own my ugliness.

Do not shut me down, for my heart’s still struggling.

Where should I go? Whom to approach?

The doors that locked me out or the faces that turned around?

The love that broke me down or the silence that tore me apart?

The path down the lane stereotypes me, I guess this world disowns me.

I turn around to see the jungle waiting for me.

Unknown territories waiting for my weight to press into the soil.

The roots tangling around my feet and hypnotizing me into its beauty.

I feel the rush in my veins, I feel the calmness within me.

I feel the snake slowly approaching me, with the “hiss” that I admire.

I see its fang that would sink in my skin, I barely move an inch.

The darkness tries consume me, I rise from the dead.

The aura around me kills the snake, and takes me back where it all began

I dance around in my silly outfit, breaking the chains that rusted my soul.

I giggle out my pain, the eyes that follow me do not slow my pace anymore.

I can stage my life or even burn it down,

The fire may burn me but won’t reduce me into ashes.

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