I can’t belong to this world where I have been thrown down whenever I  try to be ME. They say I am fake or too emotional. They say I am fat or too skinny. They said my imperfections make me incapable to even fall in love. So I decided to wear a mask which has a tons of makeup to hide the darkness that resides in me. 

I miss being the self I used to be. When I didn’t  care if  he would remember me even after we part our ways. I miss me.. for I can’t find my soul inside the mobile which claims to know me inside out. I see me now standing in front of the mirror adjusting my dress and fixing my hair. I see the people around me with perfect unbreakable masks pretending to live the perfect life. I am a social animal who has forgotten that I am not made to impress others but myself. I am a human who has forgotten  to live.

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