“Pain demands to be felt”

Pain is weird.  We  often  end up remebering all about it and forgetting our happy little days where there’s no body to snatch away our precious smile. However when it really happens people tend to act in different way. There are different stages of the aftermath of the inevitable pain..

  1. Denial :well all of us including me escape our pain and go in the denial zone where pain doesn’t exist for us. We do whatever we want to just keep our mind away from the roots of the pain. No time to breath; no time to think. Though it sounds super easy to do, my friend running away is no solution for one fine day you break into tiny little minute shreds of memories. Hopelessness posses our body like an angry ghost and we feel numb all the time till we move on the next phase.
  2. Face  it: A phase were its difficult to keep up with the agony within the heart. The built-in anger, pain, frustration finally come out like a hot boiling lava temporarily damaging all the goodness around you.  Facing the inner soreness is a huge step which gradually makes you stronger for the next blow that life would offer however during this phase you feel nothing except  the pain destroying whats inside of you. Crying out or shouting is the most common symptoms of this phase. You keep on repeating the incident in your head till you start healing.
  3. Acceptance: You broke down, cried, felt nothing but now you heal, slowly but gradually you make progress. You accept being in hot-pot of bad days;  even try to extend the hand of friendship. You try to live with it. When the memories no longer make you cringe you know you have won the battle within.


People come and go….. they try to break us and make us weak.  We fight it with all our might.  Life is war zone where we never stop until our very last breath. We burn in love, anger, pain and happiness. We burn in passion and in determination to live our lives to the fullest. We live like a warrior that never sleeps but continues go on..

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  1. A magnificent post that glorious describes the phases of pain in a very blissful & meaningful way. Thanks for sharing such a glorious post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 🙂

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      1. Thanks for respecting my invitation, please feel free to explore any of my writings an honest feedback would be highly appreciated 🙂

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  2. I am in love with what you write. The way you described pain is incredible, actually all your posts are so meaningful.. it directly hits our heart.

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      1. Yeah….realising the obvious truth sometimes takes more efforts and then we cant believe it was in front of us all these times!!


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