~The Aimless  Leaf~

Move with the world,dance with people,laugh like a toddler and to be drunk in joy and live a carefree life is what she had dreamt. She dreamt to fly and to dive into the deepest ocean. To get lost and to be found again. Those days were fun when she dreamnt  it all. 

One day the dreams abandoned  her,she did get lost but gave up her hope to be found again. The light that once made her feel infinite was now too bright for her fragile eyes. She flew like leaf aimlessly then one fine day she fell lightly on his palm.

She feared that the leaf that represented her would now be shredded into pieces, she closed her eyes to withstand  the blow. Surprisingly he was totally  different. The company of that blessed  person was now helping her to find herself in the midst of a thunderstorm. To have faith in him was the hardest thing to decide. 

One  year when she looked down the memory lane, she was glad that she decided to hangout with him a little  longer. Often did he ask her about the sadness  within her, she smiled and answered “it doesn’t  matter  anymore. The sadness  that once resided in me has found its wings and has left me a year ago, the wounds will be healing  soon. Till then I’m  glad you are with me in my finite  world.”

The friend smiled and hugged  her. The world may label them as a couple but for them they had something  more, they had something  special.  They had what many lacked;    friendship  was their oxygen which kept them alive.

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