How to be postive?

Hypocrits claim to be happy throughout their lives. Fools act as if their lives are just like a fairytale.  Depressed people feel that their lives are nothing but infinite number of gloomy days. What do you claim? ?
Well, being postive is a first step to find #sanity. Yeah.. my tagline states write to find sanity. However the problem arises when people don’t seem to find peace by just writing or reading because lets accept the fact that everybody is not a writer or a reader. So what should one do?
To be postive first find yourself within you, without all your ego and pride. Strip yourself of all your dark moments. Don’t fret over past. Don’t worry about the future. This may seem hypothetical however if you don’t try it you may never know. Never give up. You are important,  you are special.
This world is famous for abusing the weak ones. You are not weak unless you think yourself to be fragile. Fight with all your strength and act like a samurai.
Life sucks, we all know that. Thus be prepared for all the blows that can be directed towards you. Do yourself a favor, help yourself, and believe that you are not lost, you are not a toy for anyone. Don’t let the filthy people to get under your skin. Love yourself.
Time heals everything is a myth. Its always you who heals yourself.  You are the ointment that heals your wounds.
How do I know this? Well lets keep that story for another time….. until then, just know that you are not the only one suffering, you are not the only one who Google’s the question “How to be postive? “.

~Amrita Roy

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  1. Some people might think me a way too positive person. I just know it’s far more stressful to spend valuable energy being negative. It’s sort of like the saying: “It takes more muscles to frown, then it does to smile.” Gosh, I couldn’t imagine living in a world that I felt sucked. Thankfully, and although I know there is crime, and illness, and death too soon, and all types of debauchery in the world, I tend to see what the other side of life’s coin has on it. Love. Kindness. Compassion. People who put on your shoes so they know what you’re going through. Peace. Happy.

    There was a time ago that I remember “thinking” I was down on my luck. And yes, it was a problem, or so I thought. So, I found a solution to this problem. If there’s no solution, there’s no problem. If I hadn’t seen the trouble, I wouldn’t have seen the way out of it.

    I’m as human as the next person. I have to choose to live my highest and best life. I have to choose to get up with gratitude in my heart. I have to choose to smile even on those days when I feel the muscles wanting to turn down my lips into a “poor me” frown. I have to choose to look people in the eye, smile, and say, hello! We do have a choice in this life and it’s this choice that makes life worth living. Just because!


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