We live to read

“Why do u read so much?” My friend asked me. I laughed at her in my mind for I knew a fight would be useless because she was nothing but a lost case.
“Read your school books don’t waste your time on reading some senseless love stories” my teachers told me. I chose to ignore them for  they knew absolutely nothing about my secret little word where I usually escape.
“Thats pure shit!” My boyfriend shouted. I walked away from that relationship for no one can disrespect my best friend.
Books.. well books are not just pages to read, they are not like a piece of crockery to be displayed. They are my life, my escape, my best friend. People often misjudge us, they think we are shy, introvert people who hide behind pages and words. Ironically we are just the opposite. We are not shy and introvert, we just find the right company,  a friend whose mental level matches with are own. We are damn furious not with guns or swords but by words. We have experienced different shades of life, we live a thousand lives in one single life. Books are like a drug to us, its our addiction; a good addiction that has changed each one of our lives.
In the end I would like to say that we breath words, our lives would be miserable without our precious little books. We live to read.. we live to experience… we live to find sanity.

~Amrita Roy

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      1. I’m bot busy dear..I have a small problem, not able to give likes other than wp reader and reblogging also not working. I will copy and paste and mention your blog tomo. I’m sorry I delayed it.

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  1. Wow….like someone peeped into my mind and wrote here!! So true!!

    “We are not shy and introvert, we just find the right company,Β  a friend whose mental level matches with are own.”

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