~Mortal Souls~

 This world is merely a host for rootless souls. Lost and distracted from their destination. Souls that have heart but do not have the courage to follow it. Souls that have eyes but ignore to perceive the reality. Souls that have ears but are petrified to hear the truth. We “the mortal souls” ramble around like a lost infant. Easily influenced by anyone be it an angel or devil. Sanctified by God and cursed by our ego we strive to live. Forlorn due to our acts and wrecked by our guilt, still our mind commands us to be crude. Not a drop of apprehension or love for anyone. We the mortal fellowmen continue to stab others and ourselves. Trained by our fairy like mothers but mislead by our so called “friends”. We have ruled this world for countless years by the means of cheating and back stabbing. Our body fragile and frail but our minds overflowing with arrogance and selfishness. We the men of nature are the cause of wreckage of nature.

~Amrita Roy

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  1. The attraction for the forbidden fruit still lingers with the mankind. Until the whole of the mankind decides to eat their own stock, it’s impossible for peace and goodness to prevail. Well-written.


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