Can She?

Trusting a person is one of the hardest thing in her life. She wants to but the burning questions keeps popping up in her mind, can she trust him? Is he worth the risk she’s willing to take? Can she handle the pain if he tries to hurt her? The questions keeps haunting her day and night. Yes, she feels alive around him, his smirk can erase the pain in her life, he makes her soul laugh like a toddler. ‘He’ is the person she cares about. However is it enough to make her trust him? Whatever he had told her about his early life is the only proof she has about his life before her. He told her about the girlfriend who left him. She felt sad but can she really believe his story?

The thing about trust is that its like a gamble, but you lose your heart in this process, not money. Her life has been a test for her, till now she has rarely managed to pass. People have walked into her life , ripping her heart open again and again. Can she bear an another slash? Last time she had promised herself ” I will die alone but never trust anyone” yet again she’s standing on a crossroad, confused whether to take the leap of faith. ” Time heals everything” was always a myth for her yet the moment he walked into her life, he acted as a herbal ointment, healing her bruises unknowingly. She feels quilty for luring him to her darkness, her mind warns her but her heart commands her to fall head over heels again.

Yet the question still thrives to exist

Can she trust him ?

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  1. That’s the thing-trust!! For someone who really values and stands committed to a bond, it requires equal effort from the other side. Having burnt many times in the past, it requires so much bravery to take the plunge again. To trust anyone is a big big gamble. Thoughts of getting hurt again keep you in check and make you indecisive. But the pull of that elusive happiness constantly messes up with your mind…tearing it apart! To do or not to do!! Whether to invest in it or not!!! And the cost of investment is not money but your heart!! So well written!!!

    “The thing about trust is that its like a gamble, but you lose your heart in this process, not money. ” ❤👌👌

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